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Part # HOMI65

Ho-Mi or Korean Hand Plow

6.5 inch Handle

The Homi or Korean Hand Plow is an ancient centuries old Korean agricultural tool.  This tool like its name states works as a mini hand held plow, it is well balanced and extremely comfortable to use.  It is a well made sturdy hand forged garden tool.  This tool dates back centuries in Korea and has been refined over time and is a very unique tool for the farm and home garden.  It works well in vegetable and flower gardens, to dig holes, planting, and transplanting bulbs and seedlings.  It also works well to open and close rows for planting seeds.  It also as a plow, works well to loosen and cultivate soils, and it is a great tool for weeding and digging those hard to pull weeds.

This is a unique Asian hand forged gardening tool. With it’s curved blade it can be used for many purposes such as a trowel, spade, cultivator, weeder, and much more.  A tool that will replace and outlast most other hand implements. The Ho-Mi is impressively strong and has a design that has been refined over centuries by Asian farmers and gardeners.

The Ho-Mi can be used in the vegetable and flower garden to:

  • dig holes for planting and transplanting bulbs and seedlings
  • open and close rows for seed planting
  • loosen soil around plants
  • dig weeds and thin out plants

The tool is hand forged making it more durable and so much stronger. Makes a great gift for the novice or seasoned gardener alike

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