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Aquatherm Damper
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Bracket Only compatible with  4C446, A166, and 1TDP7, Blowers
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Econo Toggle Switch For Econo Furnace Blower Pre 2009
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Part # LFLS
Legend Furnace all Models Light and Blower Switch
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Damper used on Royal and American Royal Furnaces. This damper assembly includes, the S240 Solenoid, and the RD Rubber Damper. The damper assembly is comp...
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Sequoia Damper Also fits the DB4C443 and the DB4C446 Blowers
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Part # TDFS
Replacement Draft Fan Switch for Taylor Water Stove and For The Econo Outdoor Wood Furnace that have a draft fan with a swith on the fan
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Part# DB4C443
70 CFM Blower Compatible with 4C443, 1TDP3 Dayton, Taylor® T280, T450, Johnson®, Shaver, Hicks  
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Part # DFMO
Draft Fan Motor Oil Zoom Spout Oiler, Spout Oiler, Container Type Bottle, Size 4 oz., Use On Rotating And Reciprocating Equipment, Bearings, Motors ...
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Part# S239
Compatible to these models Dormeyer 1000-M-1, Grainger 4 X 239 Guardian 16-C-120, Legend all models post 2009, Bryan, Ozark BioMass Meramac Post ...
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Part # T750D
Compatible Replacement Damper for Taylor T280, T450, 500CB, T750 Econo E300, E500, E800, E1000
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Part# S240
Compatible to these models Dormeyer 2005-M-1, Grainger 4 X 240 Hardy H-2, H-3, H-4, H-5, H-6, H-25, Mahoning all models, Freedom Outdoor Furnace all ...
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