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Part # PH1
Pipe Hangers 1 Inch 12 Pack
Price: $2.29
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Part # PH1234
Pipe Hangers 1/2 and 3/4 Inch 12 Pack
Price: $2.29
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Hose Clamps
Hose Clamps All 300 stainless steel. Hi-Nickel content for corrosion resistance. Screw: 5/16" hex-head. 300 grade stainless steel. Band: 1/2"...
Price: $0.01
Part # GCG
Galvax Cold Galvanizer Zinc-rich cold galvanizer. Protects metal surfaces. The 95% pure zinc cold galvanizing compound electro-chemically bonds with ...
Price: $8.23
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Heat Block Safe, cost-saving  heat absorbing paste. Easy to use, non-toxic, protects against heat damage. Prevents unwanted heat transfer during wel...
Price: $0.01
Pipe Dope or Thread Compound For use with water, steam, caustics or dilute acid lines + withstands up to 3,000 PSI on gases from -50 to +400F & 10,0...
Price: $3.14
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Part # PSNL1P
Plumbing Solder (No Lead) 1 Pound Lead free alloy specifically formulated for lines carrying drinking water. Meets safe water drinking act. Use of flux r...
Price: $26.46
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Part # EC10Y
Emery Cloth 10 Yards Use to polish shafts or any other round item that is difficult to sand with regular sheets of sand paper. Available from very fine g...
Price: $3.97
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Part # FLUX
Tinning Flux Compatible with all common plumbing solder alloys Will not turn copper piping green Good for large diameter copper piping ...
Price: $0.01
Acid Flux Brush
Price: $1.03
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