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Part # Bryan350
Part # Bryan350

The Bryan Furnace Model 350

The model 350 is rated at 90,000 BTU it will heat approximately 1,500 square feet of well insulated space.  The furnace takes up to 30 inch logs and will burn up to 12 hours with one fueling.  


The model 350 comes with two 10 inch diameter joints of insulated flex duct which can be installed into an optional window mount, similar to a window air conditioning unit, or can be attached to the present duct work.


The Bryan Furnace should be installed on a concrete slab or on concrete tile blocks. An optional furnace stand can also be used as shown in the picture. The unit can be set as near as 1 ft and as far away as 20 ft from the building. The farther away the less efficient it becomes.


The Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace is a self contained hot air system, that operates similarly to a window air conditioning unit. Combustion is contained in a fireproof enclosure located outside the building thus eliminating ashes, fumes, and the possibility of accidental contact with a hot surface inside the home. It removes air from the building, heats it to a predetermined temperature and returns the heated air back into the building.


The furnace firebox is constructed of 10 gauge steel it is firebrick lined, and has cast iron grates.


Size 55" X 36" X 42" 

Pick Up Price $4525.00

Price: $5,025.00
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