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Rada Cutlery is 100% American Made - raw materials and construction. Rada Mfg. Co. has made and sold over 142,000,000 knives since 1948, earning the reputation for remarkable cutlery, service, and value.

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Part # DBR100
Granny Paring Silver handle. Blade 2⅜", overall 5⅞" The Granny Paring knife is the smallest knife we make at Rada Cutlery, ...
Price: $4.75
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Part # DBR101
Regular Paring Silver handle. Blade 3¼", overall 6¾" The Regular Paring knife is Rada Cutlery’s all-time best-selling k...
Price: $4.75
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Part # DBR102
Peeling Paring Silver handle. Blade 2½", overall 6⅛" The Peeling Paring knife is the best tool you can find for effortless pee...
Price: $4.75
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Part # DBR103
Heavy Duty Paring Silver handle. Blade 3 ¼", overall 7 ⅛" The Heavy Duty Paring knife is one of our longer paring knives, one idea...
Price: $4.25
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Part # DBR104
Utility/Steak Silver handle. Blade 4 ⅞", overall 8 ⅝" The Rada Utility/Steak Knife is an indispensable kitchen staple that you&...
Price: $4.50
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Part # DBR106
Stubby Butcher Silver handle. Blade 5 ⅜", overall 9 ⅞" The Rada Stubby Butcher knife is a versatile knife that you’ll fin...
Price: $6.99
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Part # DBR107
Slicer Silver handle. Blade 7", overall 11 ⅜" They say a classic never dies, and The Rada Slicer knife is proof. One of the three ori...
Price: $7.25
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Part # DBR108
Carver/Boner Silver handle. Blade 6 ⅝", overall 11" The Rada Carver/Boner knife is the perfect tool for carving bone-in meat at the d...
Price: $6.25
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Part # DBR109
"Old Fashioned" Butcher Silver handle. Blade 7 ¾", overall 12 ⅛" The Rada “Old Fashioned” Butcher knife ...
Price: $9.75
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Part # DBR112
10" Bread Knife Silver handle. Blade 9 ½", overall 13 ⅞" The Rada 10” Bread Knife is the ideal knife for cutting br...
Price: $8.75
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