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Part # DB014S
Outdoorsman's Belt Axe by Snow & Nealey The perfect lightweight axe for the outdoor enthusiast. Designed especially for hiking, camping, ...
Price: $51.75
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Part # DB016S
Our Best 2 1/4 lb. Single Bit Axe by Snow & Nealey A versatile utility axe that's just right for all sorts of everyday tasks, from settin...
Price: $58.50
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Part # DB026S
Our Best 3 1/2 lb. Single Bit Axe By Snow & Nealey The woodsmen's favorite. Fordged from fine grain steel, hand worked to provide you wi...
Price: $62.99
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Part # DB038S
Pulaski Axe by Snow & Nealey This axe is the most versatile axe on the market. Ground and tempered in our fires for strenght and durabilty. ...
Price: $81.99
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Part # DB950S
8 lb. Splitting Maul by Snow & Nealey Specially designed to make wood splitting eaiser. Unique contouring from mid-head to blade forces the w...
Price: $71.25
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Part # DB952S
3 lb Mini Maul by Snow & Nealey The perfect splitting tool for smaller jobs, this maul can be used with one hand. Its a unique design feature...
Price: $54.75
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