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Part # WaterSoftener44000
Part # WaterSoftener44000

Whirlpool 44,000-Grain Water Softener

It is the simplest and least expensive water softener on the market today.

These easy to install and maintain water softeners take the mystery out of soft water.

Our high efficiency water softener uses less salt, providing you a lower cost!

You'll enjoy cleaner, clearer water Whiter, brighter, longer lasting clothes Reduced hard water build-up Cleaner dishes, less spots, stain-free appliances Whole House System-Space Saving Compact Design,-High Efficiency-less salt usage 33,000 grain capacity

Programmable timer with vacation setting Recharge Tonight/Recharge Now option for times of exceptionally heavy water usage Includes Installation Accessories,

Easy, do-it-yourself installation instructions The salt storage tank and fiberglass mineral tank will not rust The scale (from hard water) build-up in a water heater causes the cost of heating water to be up to 20% more. It is not uncommon for 40 pounds of scale to be Inside a 10 year old gas water heater which heats hard water.

This is an oversized item

Pick Up Price: $562.39

Only Available to Ship to the continental U.S.A.


Price: $637.39
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