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WoodMaster LT45 with Forced Air Heating Kit



The WoodMaster LT45 is a reasonably priced, dependable outdoor hot water furnace.






   Heats approximately 1500 to 2000 square feet 

  •    Has it's own ETC, not compatible with other models
  •    Equipped with a Meder Float
  •    Draft fan located in the back of the furnace
  •    Ideal for garages, cabins, workshops and small homes
  •    Holds 60 gal of water 
  •    Dimensions 
    •    Door Size 16 X 16 Inches
    •    Firebox Size 22 X 22 X 23.5 Inches
    •    Firebox thickness 3/16 inch
    •    Water Jacket 3/16 inch
    •    Overall Size 47 X 45 X 61 Inches


This furnace can be used in many heating applications such as 


  •    Hooked into a Forced Air System
  •    Baseboard heat 
  •    Kick Space Heaters
  •    Heat pool or hot tub


 Heating Kit

 Forced Air Kit includes 16 X 18 Heat exchange Coil, 50 feet of Supply Line, Pump, Flange, Thermostat, Relay, Fittings, Ground Rod and Clamp




You can pick this up at our facility for $3,000



These stoves have been discontinued due to EPA regulations so I must put this disclaimer

This unit is intended;

Outside the U.S.A.: For Residential, Agriculture, Industrial, & Commercial use; wood, coal,  peat, and other biomass as fuel.

Inside the U.S.A.: For Residential use: Coal, peat, and other biomass that is not wood as fuel.

For Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural use; wood, coal, peat, and other biomass as fuel






Price: $3,500.00
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