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Pex Line 1/2 inch 100 Feet
Pex Line 1/2 inch 100 Feet

1/2 inch pex line

Temperature and pressure ratings shall be 160 PSI at 73°F, 100 PSI at 180°F, and 80 PSI at 200°F

Applications Cold water service Potable water systems 

Underground fluid distribution Anywhere that hot or cold fluid distribution is needed (within the temperature and pressure limitations) 

Fiber optic cable distribution 

Water distribution piping to manifolds, hydronic coils in air handlers, etc. 

Applications  Residential, commercial and industrial radiant floor/wall/ceiling heating 

Snow and ice melt systems 

Soil conditioning in greenhouse/stadium applications 

Hot water baseboard heating distributions 

Radiant cooling PEX Storage/Installation 

Warning Like most plastic materials, all cross-linked polyethylene is subject to ultraviolet (UV) deterioration and must not be exposed to sunlight, either direct or indirect, before or after installation. Storage outside is not recommended but if this becomes necessary, the tubing must be covered with a material which will protect it from ultraviolet light.

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