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Bryan 350
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Our model 350 furnace is capable of heating up to 1500 square feet.  This

furnace / heater is perfect for most average sized homes.  It is capable of

producing BTU's up to 90,000 at 745 CFM's.  It comes in galvanized or stainless    

steel for a fraction more. The optional stand can be purchased for the

residential furnace but it is recommended that the unit be placed on a stand,                 

bricks or have some foundation built for it for safety purposes. The furnace takes           

up to 30" logs and will burn up to twelve hours with one fueling. Heavy 10 gauge                     

steel constructed firebox. Firebrick lined, cast iron grates and ash pan.

The Bryan Outdoor Wood Furnace is a self contained hot air system, that operates similarly to a window air conditioning unit. Combustion is contained in a fireproof enclosure located outside the building thus eliminating ashes, fumes, and the possibility of accidental contact with a hot surface inside the home. It removes air from the building, heats it to a predetermined temperature and returns the heated air back into the building.

The Bryan Furnace comes complete except for the flue pipe.

Included are the furnace with blower and electrical components, and two 48" joints of insulated flexible ducting. A UL Listed, Class A, 2100 degree chimney pipe must be used. A minimum of 12' is recommended. 

The Bryan Furnace is suitable for almost any type structure including manufactured homes, log homes, green houses, work shops, paint booths or any type of structure where clean warm air is desired. With combustion kept outside, danger of chemical fire eliminated.

One Year Warranty On Basic Furnace and Electrical Components.
Five Year  Warranty On The Combustion Chamber

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