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The 3 Foot One Man Cross Cut Saw

The One Man Cross Cut Saw have proved to be a much sought after product. This large saw is used mostly in forestry work and the crosscutting of large logs. But in recent years, these have been bought by people aiming to cut their own fire wood etc. They are a great alternative to chain saws in both a safety and environmental way and can be used by anyone! Get the family to help! 

The 3 foot One Man Cross Cut Saw has a clear finished beech handle and comes complete with an auxiliary handle which can be attached to the front of the blade so you can get some additional assistance with cutting if necessary. The handle can also be fitted to the top of the blade to help you push the blade if using alone. The teeth are a Great American style tooth which uses gullets to enable the waste wood to be cleared whilst cutting.


These saws have also been featured in the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" programme 

Maintenance: A large file is used for sharpening these items. Saw setters are too small for saws with teeth of this size.

Sizing advice: we recommend a saw length that is double the size of wood you are wanting to cut. This is to ensure that you can get enough stroke in your cutting. 

Key Features:
* Beech Handle plus Auxiliary Handle for use as a Two Man version if required
* Special Great American Tooth pattern for use on logs etc
* Can be re-sharpened using a Large file

Price: $105.18
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